Internet resources

Free online literature:

online literature

Project Gutenberg (downloadable books -some in audio and Kindle formats)

Online listening resources

BBC Learning English(audio + glossary & transcript)

BBC Words in the News

BBC 6 Minute English

BBC Podcasts

Breaking News English current events & news

Newstalk Ireland’s National Independent Radio (live)

Newstalk Podcasts: Talking history, Talking Point Panel Discussion, Life Tips on Newstalk

Better at English Conversational English (podcasts + downloadable transcripts)

Skynews headlines video updates

New York Times Podcasts

‘The Ethicist’ columns published in the NYT

‘The Ethicist’ Podcasts

NPR National Public Radio (live radio & podcasts)

VOA Voice of America Special English

TED Talks

The Guardian Videos current affairs

Video Jug ‘How-to’ advice on getting good at life, video + transcripts

Vaughan Radio Vaughan Podcasts

Use of English

There is/ there are & subject-verb agreement grammar notes

Passive structures:

he is said to: exercise+key

have sth done: exercise+key

CILL Centre for Independent Language Learning grammar + exercises (also Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, etc.)

Reading Comprehension

Using English online exercises with answers


Splendid Speaking skills & recordings of students’ oral tasks


Internet Resources:

Using English formal letters (covering/ enquiry; layout & content)

Oxford Guide to Better Writing (CV/ job application/ complaint)

Writefix how to write opinion essays with examples

Reason, Contrast, Purpose & Result (grammar notes & exercises from CILL)

– Opinion Compostions exercises + key